WYLDEFIRE: What happens when a pornstar and a chef come together

It all started with a chance poolside meeting at a private party in Palm Springs. Pornstar turned DJ, Danny Wylde, had just finished his new #WYLDEFIRE set,and Chef, Royce Burke, was blown away.

"His Music Was So Hot, I could almost taste it," said Burke, "and I knew that if I could just distill his essence, it'd be a hit on everything from Tacos to Sausages."

After much discussion, the two decided to collaborate and create hot sauce in order to promote the anticipated #WYLDEFIRE Mixtape. 

"I am always looking for ways to extend the experience," said DJ Danny Wylde. "Whether it's with my music or in the bedroom. And I think one thing always hold true: people love to get hot and sticky."

Wyldefire hot sauce started as a huge box of freshly picked Thai birds eye chilies, chosen for their ability to pack heat. From there, the sauce underwent a week long fermentation process with a suite of herbs and spices that reminded Wylde of tantric practices he'd studied to master his craft.

"Good things come to those who wait," said Wylde. 

Each batch was finished with the sweet heat of dried cayenne pepper, blended and bottled for your fulfillment.